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We offer private music lessons: guitar, bass, drums and vocals. Over 50% of MKMUSIC students since the early 80’s have not come to us through advertising, but by personal request to be taught specifically by MKMUSIC. MKMUSIC’s instructor has the experience of over 500 stage performances in different styles: latin, rock, musicals, rock top 40, country, and opera. Some of our students, after taking lessons at MKMUSIC, and with the proper encouragement,  with the student’s own creativity, ambitions, and dreams, have made it to:

– America’s Got Talent (Las Vegas)

– Became Pop Star in Canada

– Nashville recorded artist

– Recorded private studio tracks

– Accepted in Advanced Music Programs in Universities and High Schools

We teach the simple “Campfire Style” to the student who always wanted to play, but never seemed to have the time to learn because of life’s schedule. We also have experience in working with special needs students.
Teaching a musical instrument is not always based on how well or fast a teacher plays, but how the teacher adapts to the student’s particular playing needs, ambitions, and goals.

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Fantastic instructor! Works well with the student and adapts his technique to the student. You will definitely make strides towards your musical goals. Very professional with excellent experience.

  2. We started working with Marcel about six or seven months ago and we didn’t know what to expect. He turned out to be a blessing and a wonderful teacher. We have great results from my daughter and her voice. Whenever she performs she gets wonderful compliments and we owe it all to him. She even got into to sing the Star Spangled Banner at the Suns Game. So if your looking for a vocal, drummer, guitar or another instrument teacher please give him a call. Thanks Mr. Marcel!

  3. I had 2 opera trained coaches who sang at Carnegie Hall and in Europe and it
    was Marcel who was my best teacher. He taught me how to really sing with
    practical advice and great interpretation – not to mention harmonies. I am
    still grateful.

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